Nutrition for Student-Athletes

Ever walk into the cafeteria or are out to dinner with friends and the thought enters your mind "What should I eat?" Below are some helpful ideas for food to order as well as food to stay away from. If you do this you will improve both your athletic ability on the field or court as well as performance in the classroom.

As always if you have any questions please contact Head Athletic Trainer Danny Borrero


Sport Specific Nutritional Suggestions 


Building a Performance Plate

What is a Performance Plate?: 

"Quality hours in the gym and on the practice field or court are definitely important for improving performance, but your full athletic potential can be hindered if you’re not incorporating proper fueling strategies. Whether you eat your meals at the university dining facility or at home, each and every meal you consume during the day should be considered an essential part of your training regimen. Your daily “training table plates” or “performance plates” play a significant role in your energy levels, hydration status and recovery potential."

How to Make a Performance Plate? 


Helpful Nutritional Links: