Track & Field Teams Spend Sunday Volunteering at Youth Track Club

Desiree Snead (left) taking times from a group of young children.
Desiree Snead (left) taking times from a group of young children.

BOSTON - Having finished their time at the Division III New England Regional Meet, Nighthawks Track & Field took time Sunday to volunteer at Metropolis Youth Enrichment and teach the track stars of tomorrow a few lessons at a young age.

According to their philosophy, the goal of Metropolis Youth Enrichment is to motivate and inspire leadership and integrity in young adults with the use of track and field and cross country. From ages 5 to 18, Metropolis Youth Enrichment teaches these philosophies through sport.

"We wanted the opportunity to give back to the community," said Head Coach Henry Morales. "This meet and club was just simply one way to reach out to the younger generation."

The Nighthawks helped with groups of five-year-olds who were competing to cross the finish line, all the way up to individuals at 18-years-old, who will compete in various AAU competitions this summer.

Morales had previous experience with this organization, interning for them in the summer of 2014 in his senior year at UMass Boston.