CJ Haase Traveling to Europe with American International Sports Teams - Read her Blog Here

CJ Haase Traveling to Europe with American International Sports Teams - Read her Blog Here

Day Five

Let the walking tour commence!  Up and adam and touring the famous Prague Castle, the John Lennon Wall, and The Charles Bridge.  The people here are so proud of their history and let you know it any chance they can.  Czech Republic is a very safe country but there are tourist traps everywhere!  The castle has an old and new portion which you can tell by the color of the building.  

The John Lennon Wall was next and our tour guide brought spray paint so that we all could put our mark on the wall.  This is a memorial to Lennon's death and is open to public!

We have one more practice tonight before the tournament starts tomorrow.  The athletes are so excited to start the games and to take home the trophy!  Follow along with the tournament by clicking this link!  We are team AIST in Women’s Group A:


Day Four

It’s travel day, we are heading to Prague.  A 5 hour bus ride had to happen to get there.  No accidents to report and we arrived safely.  After checking into the hotel the other coach and I took a walk around the area to check out what was around.  We found an Italian restaurant and decided we’ve consumed enough meats and potatoes for a while and chose to have salads and pastas.  We’ll have four more days to eat meat and potatoes one meal won’t hurt us.

Day Three

It’s Castle Day!! I have been waiting for this day for such a long time.  The Neuschwanstein Castle is the castle that the Beauty and The Beast was inspired by! It took us 2 hours to drive to it which was extended to almost 3 because a woman didn’t see our bus and hit us.  Everyone is safe but it did delay our arrival.  The little town that the castle is in is practically in Austria so the Alps are in the background and it looks like a fairytale.  We enjoyed the lake for a while before we hike a mile up to get to the castle for a tour.  After the tour we took our bus back so we could get ready for an amazing dinner at the famous Hofbrauhaus!

At the Hofbrauhaus you can just get drinks in their infamous liter mugs or you can eat.  Our tour group had booked us tables on the 2nd floor to enjoy authentic German music and entertainment.  I made friends with the waiter and he suggested I order the fried pork knuckle which comes with a potato pancake.  For those of you who know me you’ll never believe me when I say that not only did I order it but I ate it and it wasn’t bad! When in Germany right?

A night on the town followed knowing that we would be on a bus all day tomorrow driving to Prague.  Team bonding occurred which will only be helpful when we get onto the field at the Prague Cup!

Day Two 

Who says you don’t exercise on vacation?  Well we started our day  with a bike tour of the city! The Englischer Garten were only part of the tour but riding on bikes in a city with 31 people in a group was challenging.   Eating lunch in a cafeteria style restaurant in the middle or the Garten was interesting as well.  The history of this city was incredible and we were learning it while exercising.

We had some free time after the tour to walk around the city and grab a meal.  Until we had to leave for our scrimmage against the Munich lacrosse team.  We got the field and warmed up ready to go.  We combined players with the Munich team and played against each other.  The talent level was great on both sides and it was truly a game of sportsmanship!  After the game we were treated to a dinner from the other team.  It was great to talk and learn from them to see what their life is like in Germany.

Some of us explored the nightlife that Munich had to offer while other chose to call it a night in preparation for the Castle tomorrow!

Day One 

We took off as a group from JFK heading to Dusseldorf, Germany with a connecting flight to our final destination Munich!  We all had the goal of sleeping while on the 7 hour flight but obviously things don’t go as planned.  Two hours of sleep, 8 missing pieces of luggage including some lacrosse equipment and we were on our bus heading to our first activity!

Dachau Concentration Camp was our first stop.  We toured the entire complex and to say that it was emotional was an understatement.  It is strange to consider this a tourist attraction but it gives people a chance to learn from history and hopefully not repeat it.  There are only two buildings that housed the prisoners left standing, the rest have all been torn down but can been seen with the buildings footprints in their original locations.

After checking into the hotel two AIST guide took myself and the other coach out for dinner in downtown Munich.  We took the underground into the city and came out at Marienplatz!  Had an incredible dinner with new friends and listened to some outdoor concert in the middle of the square! Sausage and potatoes for dinner were necessary after a day of airplane food! We made it back to the hotel and were ready to fall asleep and get on Europe time!  Now time for jetlag!  Day 2 here I come!!


CJ Haase to Travel to Europe with American International Sports Teams (AIST)

June 5, 2017 – Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach and Senior Women’s Administrator, CJ Haase will be traveling with American International Sports Teams (AIST), helping coach during their Prague Cup Lax Tour from June 17-26. This tour travels to Munich, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic where the team will play against a Munich collegiate team and compete in the Prague Cup Lacrosse Tournament.

Haase said, “I will be coaching college kids who have not played together and have not played for myself or the other coach traveling, so it will be a great learning opportunity on how to be an effective coach in a short amount of time. We will lean on each other and work hard to make this the best trip possible.”

In addition to lacrosse, Haase explained that the team will get to explore the cities and go on guided tours during the trip. She said, “I have been to Europe before but never to Germany or Czech Republic. I have German in my blood so I'm so excited to check this off my bucket list. I am beyond excited to learn about these cultures and to see the differences in styles of the game.”

To keep updated on Hasse’s travels, follow @NewburyLax on Twitter or @NewburyWomensLax on Instagram: “There are so many outings planned while we're there, so I cannot wait to share my experiences through social media with my team back here!”